Tips for how to write and deliver the eulogy for a loved one who has died

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A eulogy is a speech in remembrance of the one who died and is one of the most important elements of the funeral service. Being chosen to give a person’s eulogy Guidelines to writing a eulogy for a loved oneis an honor, but it can sometimes be difficult. Here are some tips to help you prepare for and deliver a memorable eulogy:

1)    Speak with family and friends to gather information.  Begin by writing a list of what you want to include in the eulogy, such as awards, accomplishments, hobbies, and interests. Include special memories you have as well.

2)    Try to tie the information you now have into a theme. If for instance, your friend was always happy or smiling, create your eulogy around her happy outlook on life. If you met at school and she was a great student, create your speech around how accomplished she was in all aspects of her life.

3)    Begin to write your eulogy and include personal remembrances, but avoid inside jokes that others might not understand. Highlight important moments in her life – make your eulogy a celebration of her life.

4)    Practice delivering the eulogy in front of a mirror.  Make chances and then ask others who knew your loved one to hear you read it aloud to them.  Ask for their input.

5)    Type your eulogy in large print onto cards or paper.  Bring tissues, just in case … don’t be afraid to show emotion; you won’t be alone.

Take a deep breath and compose yourself before you begin.

Remember to introduce yourself and your relationship to your loved one.  Acknowledge the family members present.

Most important:

Think of your loved one; picture his or her face and speak as though he or she were in the room. Speak from the heart.

If you need more information on writing a eulogy or would like a sample template for creating a eulogy, your funeral director at Mack Family Funeral Homes can help you. Contact us at 978-575-0575.

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